• Study Abroad at Cattolica
  • Study Abroad at Cattolica
  • Study Abroad at Cattolica
  • Study Abroad at Cattolica
  • Study Abroad at Cattolica
  • Study Abroad at Cattolica
  • Study Abroad at Cattolica
  • Study Abroad at Cattolica
  • Study Abroad at Cattolica
  • Study Abroad at Cattolica
  • Study Abroad at Cattolica
  • Study Abroad at Cattolica


 UCSC International Curriculum
 UCSC University Academic Curriculum 



UCSC International Curriculum

The courses within the UCSC International Curriculum will be mainly offered on a semester basis (both Spring and Fall); however, as changes may occur, applicants will be advised on the effective and definitive list of courses available two months before the semester starts.

The courses bear the equivalent of 3 U.S. Credits, however within the European Exchange framework these same courses have the value of 4 ECTS. The conversion from US or ECTS credits to your credit system is defined by your home institution. Please refer to your Study Abroad Advisor for detailed information. 

Please view the Academic Policies for the UCSC International Curriculum.

Business and Economics

Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship: the Italian Perspective
Entrepreneurship Lab: Creating a New Business
Green Management & Sustainability
Entrepreneurial Finance
 Business, Government and the Global Economy
The Economics of the European Integration
The Globalization of Finance: Managing Returns and Risks

International Relations
The European Union in the World: A Superpower in the Making?
International Relations and the Middle East: A Comparative European Perspective

Italian Culture: Literature, Theatre, Cinema, Music and Philosophy
Methods of Illusion: la mise-en-scéne from Drama to Fiction and Visual Arts
"A Descent into Hell,"Virtues and Vices in Renaissance Italian Literature from Dante to Machiavelli
Creative Italian Storytelling: from Literature to Cinema to other Forms of Fiction
 Desire, Freedom and Justice in Christian Philosophical Thought
Verdi and the Anthology of Italian Opera
Music, Technology, Show Business. One Century of Records and Audiovisuals
Dramaturgy: Written to be Spoken
Italian Cuisine and Language course Lab: a First Step to becoming an Italian "Master Chef"
NB: please note that this course bears the equivalent of 5 ECTS credits

Fashion and Design

From the Catwalk to the Classroom: an Introduction to Modern Italian Fashion
What is design? The Fundamentals of an Italian industry
The Luxury Market: Structure, Players and Success Factors 

Media, Communications & Sociology
Federico Fellini and Contemporary Italian Cinema
Digital Journalism and Digital Media in Italy
Publishing, Publicity and Cultural Journalism
New Frontiers in Brand Communication and Consumer Engagement
■ "Green is the New Black": asset and appeal of the value "Enviroment" in Global Business Communication
Reading Milan and Italian cities: Place-making and Cultural Resources
Television, Adertising, Music: The Italian Approach to the Media 
From Strategy to Effective Presentations - Methodologies to Write and Present Convincin and Engaging Communications 






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